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The U.S. must End Overthrow Effort of Bashar al-Assad

August 30th, 2016

For five years now war, escaping refugees and blood has marked Syria. This past week Syrian government shelling of Aleppo has intensified. And then the photo of the five-year-old boy, Omran Daqneesh, barefooted, dazed and covered with soot, blood and smoke surfaced and shot across social medial like some fancy rocket encircling the planet.
It is way past time for the U.S. government to cease its support of all rebel factions. In hopes of ending this, we must act to stop aiding what is a losing cause with consequential loss of limb and life for all persons caught up in the conflict.
I know that Assad is a brutal dictator, yet if the U.S. government sent arms and support to every country on this planet where rebels are currently fighting a tyrannical leader, the American taxpayer would be paying taxes for many coup efforts.
There is slim to no chance whatsoever that Assad will be overthrown so long as Iran and Russia are intimately involved in stabilizing the Assad efforts to remain in power. The U.S. has no control over the Iranian and Russian input here.
If we continue down this road there will only be more destroyed towns and cities, more death, more five-year-old boys and, maybe, girls barefoot, dazed and covered in smoke, soot, and blood. That is, if they’re alive. This solution is not a good solution, given Assad’s track record of abuse of his people, but it is definitely the lesser of two very awful evils. –August 19, 2016